Don't forget to add play to your day!

I have been listening to the inspirational Brene Brown, both on audio book, her TED talk and her podcast interviews.

One of her key learning points when she was analysing her research was the importance of adding ‘play’ to your life.

As business owners we are so passionate about what we do and feel privileged to do something that we love and get paid for it, that we often forget to add ‘play’ to our lives. It isn’t until we do ‘play’ that we remember the huge benefit it adds.

I was lucky enough to try golf for the first time last year through Fore Women . It was a really fun day and made me and all the other lady golf first timers realise that golf really isn’t just for the boys or intimidating at all.

It was great exercise, we got to be out in the fresh air, it challenged your brain and your body and we had lots of fun. I met some really interesting women and we talked golf, business and of course all things image, I absolutely loved it!

So I was super excited when Felicity Dunderdale founder of Fore Women started the ‘Golfher’ sessions at Sittingbourne Golf Centre. However, I did initially feel guilty when there is so much to do at taking time out of running my business to learn how to play golf, but listening to Brene Brown made me realise that I didn’t have to feel guilty, it was ok to ‘play’ and so instead of pretending I was at my desk all morning today I decided to write my blog about our ‘Ladies Golf is Fun’ session.

We always start with a quick coffee and introductions so everyone feels relaxed and is raring to go. Maxine Burton, the golf coach at Sittingbourne, then decides what to teach us that week based on numbers and levels of competence, (if any!) and what we each want from the session. It is extremely relaxed and flexible and she puts everyone at ease immediately. She is wonderful coach, really patient, professional and of course an awesome golfer!

This morning’s pre session chat centred on how ladies can tend to be reluctant to play golf yet men are uber comfortable even if they have never played and the complete opposite being true with dancing. Men struggle to convince their partners to learn golf and the ladies struggle to get their partners to learn to dance. Fascinating but true! Women want to be seen as being competent immediately and fear being watched until they feel they really can play well.

Coffee & chat over we hit the driving range and first off, practised the ‘Drill’. The drill is 10 or so practice swings with no ball to loosen up, warm up and get the feel of the swing action again. As always, Maxine reminded us that our homework is to do the ‘Drill’ daily at home. Hmmm and we wonder why kids do not always do their homework…. We had not set a very good example!

Then the real fun started and we got to hit some balls, some good, some bad, some dreadful but that’s golf. Maxine gave us some great tips on how to spot the ball once we had tee’ d off. We covered using the woods and how to place the ball to make a great shot with the woods. The great thing about these sessions is that we are learning brilliant tips throughout, Maxine explains all the things you are scared to ask for fear of looking like an idiot.

My question this week, since of course there has to be an element of image in everything I do, was about the glove. Why and why if you are wearing gloves do you wear only one?

Maxine explained about the grip. How since most people are right handed yet the grip is with the left hand, the glove gives added grip to effectively your weaker hand. For me, any excuse to add a little image to the game so I can definitely feel some glove shopping at the weekend!

Had a fabulous morning, great to add some ‘play’ to my day and it just made the afternoon back at the desk more productive. I would encourage anyone to give golf a go and if not golf, then any ‘play’.