Blog Interview – YOU the Brand – Jemma Fairclough-Haynes

How would describe your personal brand?

Consistent, loyal, honest and approachable.

What values are important to you?

Trust, integrity and realism.

How do you reflect these in your Personal Image?

I try to be there for others and tell them my honest thoughts.

Describe your company brand image.

Orchard Employment Law’s brand image is to provide clear, uncomplicated, advice and support. It’s very much about breaking breaking the mould with confidence and colour. Orchard Employment Law’s clients want advice and support that they can trust. They also want informed choice without being bamboozled with legal jargon and technicalities.

How do you ensure your staff share your values and represent these values in the way they look, sound, feel and behave?

I don’t have staff but if I did I would recruit based on the company values. I also think it is important to lead by example and to treat people like people.

What do you do to relax?

I love spending time with family and friends and entertaining. I find that a glass of prosecco with food is sure way to unwind.

How well does your wardrobe reflect your lifestyle?

My wardrobe is diverse like me. It has a variety of colours and outfits for almost every occasion.

What is you favourite thing in your wardrobe and why?

Even though I love colour you can’t beat a little black dress. My little black dress is elegant, flattering, sophisticated and timeless.

What is the least worn item in your wardrobe and why?

I love leggings and jeans because they make me feel free and they are very easy to wear. However, I hardly ever wear dress or smart trousers. I have no idea why.

Describe your look in 3 words?

Feminine, Professional, Fashionable (I hope)

What is you your style secret?

Fabulous shoes can brighten even the plainest of outfits.

When you are getting ready for an evening out which song you put on, your Style soundtrack?

These days I tend to get ready in hurry so rarely listen to music when dressing.

What is your proudest moment?

It would have to be taking my daughter home from the neonatal unit 10 days after she was born.


Thank you to Jemma Fairclough-Haynes – Orchard Employment Law