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FSB Skills 30:30 at the Leigh Academy

The Leigh Academy hosted the latest FSB’s skills 30:30 event on Thursday 25th January. Just under 40 year 12 students…

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Networking Fatigue – Part 3 Of the Networking Blog Series

The networking story continues, are you suffering networking fatigue? When we first start networking, we seem to have this fear…

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Networking or Notworking – Part 2 Of the Networking Blog Series

When you mention you are going networking there are always some people who think you are off on a jolly…

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We Mean Biz Networking - Deborah Turner Keynote Speaker

Deborah Turner Keynote Speaker – We Mean Biz Networking

I was this months Keynote Speaker at We Mean Biz Medway Networking group. My talk covered personal brand and why what…

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Networking Nerves – Part 1 Of the Networking Blog Series

The main reason holding back women from going to networking events is Fear. Fear of being judged, Fear of knowing…

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