2 Easy steps to generate more business through LinkedIn

generate more business through linkedin

How to Generate more business through LinkedIn – When it comes to generating more business from LinkedIn you really need to make sure you are fully establishing your brand values and making sure you are showing your skills and expertise to their best.

Your LinkedIn profile is like your online CV and your Business card all in one place. It’s a mini-site aiming to lead traffic back to your own website where you can really drive the sales. If you want to generate more business through LinkedIn it all comes down to your LinkedIn Profile.

If your profile is not optimised in every respect, you won’t get found, so you won’t get contacted and you will be lost in the crowd.

Step One: Picture

When you are going to meet someone for the first time, most people will Google them to find out who they are and most importantly what they look like. Google likes LinkedIn profiles, they hold a great amount of information on people and come up high in search results due to this. So when your name is typed into Google your LinkedIn profile picture is very likely to come up.

No Partner, Pets or bad backgrounds

19% of recruiters only look at your profile picture so you really need to make sure yours is good.

Lots of people still don’t have a pictures, and while the process of having your picture taken is one very few people enjoy, it is necessary. According to research you are 14 times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have a profile picture compared to not. If you have no picture at all people will mistrust you. Many people will not connect to someone without a photo.

Don’t have a picture of your child, pet or partner, no matter how lovely they are and how much you love them. Keep it professional.

With LinkedIn your profile picture needs to show you at your professional best.

Your photo does not necessarily have to be a headshot, but there are some important tips to follow to get the best from your picture.

  • Expression – make sure you look friendly and approachable. A professional knows how to achieve this and capture the perfect expression you want to portray.
  • Lighting – harsh lighting can make you look washed out. Natural or studio light is much better.
  • Background – Use a clean simple background, don’t have something distracting.
  • If in doubt get a professional photographer – They can help you relax, and help you look your best.

Step Two: The Write Up

Your write up needs to get your brand message across, in a concise and accessible way. Make sure your name is correct and that you use your own name as well as your business one.

Your headline should be what you want to be known for, be it professionalism, creativity or trustworthiness, your headline should portray this.

If you are familiar with the workings of LinkedIn you will know that the headline is great for keyword optimisation, making sure you are being found for the right things.

While SEO doesn’t work in quite the same way on social media platforms as it does with the rest of the web, it does not mean it is any less important. The whole point about filling in your profile on LinkedIn and all the other social networking sites, is to make yourself visible to potential clients and business partners.

When you are writing up your summary or any other section which allows you to talk about YOU, be unique. Don’t copy and paste from other sources. Take the time to create a memorable write up, to really generate more business through LinkedIn. This is the area that can show off your talents and expertise. Don’t be afraid to tell them just how good you are, but be genuine don’t say you have done something if you haven’t.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. These mistakes can cost you big, so check and check again.

If in doubt contact a professional copy writer, they can help create something engaging, professional and interesting.

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