Blog Interview, YOU the Brand – Leah Buckingham-Warner

Leah Buckingham-Warner

How would describe your personal brand?
Smart, professional and sophisticated with an element of fun thrown into the mix!


What values are important to you?
Bringing honesty and integrity into everything that you do.


How do you reflect these in your Personal Image?
People who know me say I always dress smart, even on my days of lounging around at home. Although I am very fashion conscious, I do stick to what I know suits me and my style, but will always experiment occasionally with the latest trend or fad for that season. I love accessorising and am addicted to handbags and shoes; they are a great way to add some colour or bring some fun to an outfit. I love shopping and would even go as far to say it’s one of my hobbies!


Describe your company brand image.
I set a high standard for my company and think this is reflected in the brand image. It’s professional, knowledgeable, fun and creative, which are all the elements required for a digital marketing company. Business owners who come to my company for my services will know they are going to receive a high-end quality service, that brings in my expertise, qualifications and experience within the industry.


How do you ensure your staff share your values and represent these values in the way they look, sound, feel and behave?


What do you do to relax?
I am a very social person so love spending time with my family and friends on the weekends. I also have two very fluffy and quite crazy Labradoodles and enjoy taking them out for long walks in the countryside where I live. Being a bit of a fitness fanatic, I also really enjoy going for long runs, which for me is a great way for me to relax and destress.


How well does your wardrobe reflect your lifestyle?
My wardrobes are ever growing…I do love to shop! However, I would say the majority of items are smart for work and attending networking events, along with a selection of fun dresses and high heels for going out with friends. Although running your own business can take over your life, I do find it really important to have a work-life balance and ensure I dedicate some time on the weekend for me to be just me and have fun with my friends.


What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe and why?
I have just recently treated myself to a gorgeous pair of Louboutin’s shoes. My business has gone from strength to strength this past year so it was really satisfying to be able to treat myself to a luxury like this. I know not everyone would appreciate it, but for me it was perfect.


What is the least worn item in your wardrobe and why?
A bright floral jumpsuit. It was the latest fad at the time, but I just feel too OTT every time I wear it!


Describe your look in 3 words?
Professional, sophisticated, on-trend


What are you your style secrets?
Whatever you wear will always look good on you as long as you feel confident and happy within who you are.


When you are getting ready for an evening out which song you put on, your Style soundtrack?
I do love a bit of cheesy pop music! Anything that gets you moving and singing away really lifts my spirits and gets me in the mood for a good night out.


What is your proudest moment?
I don’t think I can pick just one! Starting my own business was an extremely proud moment of mine, but since then I have had many more proud moments. Winning a business award, presenting my own weekly radio show, speaking to large audiences on stage at conferences are just a few. But, none of this would have been possible if I didn’t take that leap of faith to start a new venture on my own.