Blog Interview, YOU the Brand – Linda Garcia

How would you describe your personal brand?

I’m a self confessed black and white person.  I’m very straight forward, scientific and logical in the way I think and work, no frills – literally.  My clothes and accessories reflect this. Clean cut, simple lines and no frilly blouses or frumpy dresses. My staple wardrobe is mainly black in the winter (trousers, polo neck jumpers) or white in the summer (leggings, tunics, slash neck t-shirts), and then a bright or bold coat, jacket, shirt or tunic dress and statement piece accessories.   I’m renowned for my big red coat during these dull winter months.

What values are important to you?

Having spent quite a few hours working with branding experts and marketers, this has forced me to dig deep and analyse what makes me tick.  I’ve crystallised my important values as

Balance – be true to myself first

Integrity – do what I say I’m going to do and do it well, and

Positivity – which breeds positivity.

How do you reflect these in your Personal Image?

My Balance value is really most reflected in my personal image.  I wear things I feel confident in, not what fashion dictates.   I’ve recently been described as “not having a hair out of place” suggesting my scientific logic keeps me neat and tidy.  My brother once said I always turn up looking totally coordinated and immaculate.  You’ll only see me wearing trainers to the gym, and I rarely wear jeans.  I don’t get stressed out about wearing the current trends, especially if I was wearing them the first time round, like the recent revival to the 80’s look!

Describe your company brand image.

Alluxi Consulting is about business evolution, optimizing and spiralling in ever decreasing circles towards perfection – applying the laws of nature and survival of the fittest to the business environment.  My brand image has been carefully designed around the Golden Mean and Fibonnaci’s mathematical spiral series, but cleverly reflecting the symbolic Illuminati triangle and all seeing eye.  It truly reflects my scientific approach to life.

How do you ensure your staff share your values and represent these values in the way they look, sound, feel and behave?

I don’t employee staff.  If I did I’d probably be selecting people who already reflect and share my values rather than trying to win them round to my own.  People are what they are, you have to make the best of their own values and beliefs – this is my Positivity value talking.

What do you do to relax?

Tidy up!  I’m a bit OCD when it comes to everything in its place and a place for everything, so I find keeping things organised very cathartic and relaxing for me.   Once that’s sorted – Aquarobics, Words with Friends, and I’m a prolific reader.  I love sitting in my conservatory on my favourite sofa (made especially for me) reading the afternoon away, and I’m invariably kept awake until the early hours of the morning if I’m gripped by the novel.

How well does your wardrobe reflect your lifestyle?

My wardrobe is surprisingly compact – I take “capsule” to the nth degree.  I spent years flying around the world on business and learned to pack a single cabin bag with the bare minimum of garments and clean underwear to last a week, look slightly different every day, and not stink by the end of it.   It’s amazing how little you actually need to get through office, restaurant, travel, an evening out etc if you are forced to think it through and plan carefully to avoid the wait at the luggage carousel.  That’s stuck with me even today and my wardrobe is probably a bit sparse.

What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe and why?

Currently it’s my French Connection funnel neck jumper. It’s in 3 shades and textures of grey knit, cut on the diagonal, which makes me feel on-trend, comfortable and young.   Its works with black leggings, jeans, smart trousers and just needs a bold statement necklace or pendant to dress it up, so is truly flexible.  I can see me wearing it for years to come.

What is the least worn item in your wardrobe and why?

Sadly my beautiful, fuchsia pink, sequinned cocktail dress.  Why don’t we have glamorous evenings to dress up for any more?  Everyone seems to dress down even to the most formal events, which is hugely disappointing.  What happened to the art of dressing up?

Describe your look in 3 words?

Contemporary, Structured, Geometric

What is your style secret?

Listening to the experts and heeding their advice.

When you are getting ready for an evening out which song do you put on, your Style soundtrack?

Iggy Pop – Fall In Love with Me – with a lot of bass

What is your proudest moment?

There isn’t one that rises above many moments of pride in my own achievements, my husbands’ successes, or my kids’ triumphs.  I’ve had a privileged career at an international level, lived and worked across 3 continents, survived cancer, won awards for my professional achievements, and started my own business. They’ve all shaped me and made me value life differently over the years.