Empowered Magazine Feb 2017

I followed the traditional career route of getting a profession on the advice of my parents, and since I didn’t know what I wanted to do I thought I ought to at least try something worthwhile. However, I knew at 18 that I didn’t want to be tied to a desk 24/7, so I opted for surveying as a career because I knew it would enable me to be outside and to visit different sites and places and people regularly.

When I started my surveying career only 2% of surveyors were women and so I thought to get ahead that I had to be one of the boys, leave my femininity at home! As a young black female I stood out just by turning up so wanted to blend in, be one of the gang and so I left my personality at home.

As a result I wasn’t really taken seriously…

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I now get to choose the type of surveying work I do and so I only do projects that excite and motivate me in an environment that fuels me.

I am committed to empowering and championing women. I am the champion for women in business for the FSB Kent region and part of the FSB Women National Taskforce. In addition I have jointly founded Breakthrough Women, a not for profit series of events to showcase real women.

I want to address the matter of ‘if I can’t see it I can’t be it’ and so are encouraging women to be more visible and to share their stories, both successes and failures.