Testimonial from Ali Hollands
Inspired To Change Maidstone

“As an entrepreneur, woman or not, we know we need to look the part because first impressions
count, but dressing for business when you’re a woman is very rarely about donning a power suit; in
business, as in life, women wear many ‘hats’ and need to be able to seamlessly and confidently
morph between, them whilst still maintaining our personal corporate identity.

This was never more true than when I was asked to speak at a very prestigious women’s awards
dinner; I knew I wanted to look the part – successful, confident but also comfortable being me despite
the grandeur of the event. As a clinical hypnotherapist it is vital I walk my talk and, as I become more
well known in my business community, my personal branding becomes ever more important.

And that’s where I consider myself very, very lucky indeed, because I have a secret weapon to help
me gracefully negotiate creating and maintaining that brand. I had found ‘the dress’ but I wanted to
know if I could, with my slightly less than model body, wear it with confidence to feel comfortable
and, yes I’ll say it, beautiful.

ali blog post

I sent Deborah a picture of the dress, asking if I could get away with it and her answer came back loud and clear – Yes! She helped me feel confident to buy it and how to wear it for maximum impact,
including the vital foundation wear. I’m so grateful for her help.

On the night I felt fabulous and received so many compliments. What’s important about that is it
enabled me to deliver my speech in front of 200 beautifully dressed women and men (very glam they
were too!), with confidence, poise and conviction. It allowed me to walk my talk in every sense.

What Deborah does masterfully is help you step into that image and make it yours – you always wear
the clothes, they never wear you. In this multi media world it is no longer enough to be good at what
you do, you need to embody it, your message and your brand. I would recommend anyone who
knows they need to step into a new or updated brand they can feel comfortable and confident in,
You Image Consultancy and Deborah Turner should be your trusted partner”.