Blog Interview, YOU the Brand – Michelle Gagie

Michelle Gagie
Basepoint Dartford manager 

How would describe your personal brand?

I work in a business to business environment and I want my business associates to see me as a professional. Therefore, I try and reflect this in my appearance by dressing smartly always. I’d like to think my appearance reflects my confidence as confidence in yourself wins other people’s confidence in you!

What values are important to you?

I pride myself in my reliability being organised. It’s so important in my line of work. Also, going that extra mile to make something perfect – if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!

How do you reflect these in your Personal Image?

By looking smart and tidy, you look appear organised I guess? For example, if I turned up casually in jeans to a networking event, it would look like I couldn’t be bothered and who would want their guests walking into their offices to someone in jeans?! I paint my nails with a fresh coat of paint every day too!

Describe your company brand image.

Basepoint has a professional imagine but we endeavour to maintain a friendly approach at the same time. We work with a lot of SME’s who are just starting out so it’s important they are not intimidated – you can be professional but approachable at the same time.

How do you ensure your staff share your values and represent these values in the way they look, sound, feel and behave?

We have a dress policy to ensure that all employees dress appropriately – for example anything above the knee is not acceptable and tattoos are not to be on show along with piercings other than earring (nothing on the face). Also, no unnaturally coloured hair. They are aware of the professional environment that they work in and that they are expected to behave in a professional manner to reflect Basepoint’s professional image.

What do you do to relax?

During the week I have little time to relax but I do read a book for half an hour before bed. My current book being Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Stop Worrying & Start Living’. I love motivational books. I’m also a keen runner and a firm believer in the benefits of keeping fit and active. Strangely, I find running relaxing – although it’s probably the most active part of my day.

How well does your wardrobe reflect your lifestyle?

I have one gym drawer where I keep all my ‘keep fit’ wear. My wardrobe is organised into; skirts, trousers, ‘going out’ tops, ‘day time’ tops etc so I guess this reflects my organisational skills! I also have a wardrobe in my daughter’s bedroom where I keep all my workwear, in the same sort of order as my out of work wardrobe. I couldn’t mix the two up – I’d hate to wear the same pair of trousers for work and then wear them at the weekend too. Same with shoes.

What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe and why?

My black Reiss skinny tailored trousers – a pair of black trousers is a staple part of any wardrobe. They have zips on the inside ankle making them easy to wear with any shoes and they fit perfectly. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

What is the least worn item in your wardrobe and why?

A beautiful teal coloured Ted Baker dress which I bought for my cousins wedding a couple of years ago, worn twice (for another wedding too). Too nice to get rid of but too many pics on social media from the two weddings I have worn it to!

Describe your look in 3 words?




What is your style secret?

I can’t pretend I have one – but I’d say go for it and be confident in what you wear and people will buy it!

When you are getting ready for an evening out which song you put on, your Style soundtrack?

I love House Music but nothing too heavy. It certainly gets me in the mood for a good night out.

What is your proudest moment?

That’s easy, becoming a Mum. Nothing could beat that – and you don’t have to me ‘mumsy’ to be a mum these day!